How To Change Your PHP Version In CPanel

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MucaHost uses CloudLinux as the OS on our servers to improve server stability. A major feature of CloudLinux is that each cPanel account can select the global PHP version they want to have for their websites.

Need to set a different PHP version for an Addon Domain instead?

If you want to set a different PHP version for on of your Addon domains, you can easily do so using a .htaccess handler.

You can easily change the PHP version on your account by following these steps:

How To Change PHP Version In CPanel


PHP 8.1 is now available at ChemiCloud for all environments.

1. Log in to your cPanel account.

2. Navigate to the Software section and click on Select PHP Version.

3. Click on the PHP Version drop-down box and select your preferred PHP version

4. Click on Set as current button to save your PHP version change.

It is important that you know which PHP version you need for your web applications, to avoid any unwanted mishaps. In case you see any error on your website once you’ve changed the PHP version, please revert back to the previous PHP version which your site was using.

We hope this short article has been helpful and remember: never stop learning and as a result, you will develop your skills in no time!

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